Thursday, February 24, 2011

Make it an Even Half Dozen! (and CJ is Seven Months)

Who among the gods is like You, LORD?
Who is like You — majestic in holiness,
awesome in glory, working wonders? 
Exodus 15:11

Ask him if he ever dreamed he'd be daddy to six children. Then ask him if he thought he'd be father to six daughters! Neither of us could've imagined such a Plan, but...our thoughts are not His thoughts, are they?

Guys, we got our big news late Tuesday evening! We were waiting to hear from the court that the last remaining documents were issued. No. More. Waiting!

So our house is happy-exhausted-madness right now. I mean, it has been to some extent ever since things began to truly move along with the adoption a month or so ago, but now, oh my! This is the last push - pun intended. It's the last push before we have our new daughter. I don't know if there will be time to sleep before we leave early on Saturday to go get her! I'm kidding - don't panic, mom and dad. I'll sleep. And I'll be a very alert driver, yes I will.

She shows her true thoughts on being serenaded by daddy: Dad, really, I can't take it anymore. Can you cut it out?

I included the Exodus passage above because it has come to mind many times since we got this last, great, LONG-awaited news. I remembered snatches of the passage, then realized it was Miriam's song to the Lord when He had brought the Israelites safely through the Red Sea, delivering them with great finality from their enemy, the Egyptians. It's funny that this is what God has brought to mind, since He already had me thinking of us living in the almost, living eating standing up, ready to go like the Israelites were before their flight, prepared to leave and fulfill this next part of His calling on our lives.

So, I have 36 hours to wash, fold, sort, and pack the clothing, baby paraphernalia, and other various and sundry stuff we must bring along for this adventure. It's all good. I seriously keep balking at these challenges of late, and He keeps nudging me along, helping, guiding, strengthening. I hope to post pictures and thoughts over the next week while we spend time Back Home with family while we gather AH and her things up to bring home...

 On a different note, CJ turned 7 months this week. In the above photo, she's sporting a look that only the terribly confident can pull off. Love it. She is her happy self most of the time these days - teething has not been her favorite milestone, though. She's got three as of today, and boy, do they give her fits in the night, poor thing! One funny thing about her teeth: she cut the bottom two first like all babies normally do. But rather than cut the top two middle teeth next, she's working on the ones beside those (call me a nerd, I looked this up: the maxillary lateral incisors). CA did the same thing and looked, for a bit, like a small, cupid-like vampire.

Caught her in action here! She still loves her jumpy, obviously. And, she's even showing everyone two of her teeth. CJ continues to be such an easy-going, contented baby. She's enjoying trying new foods. So far green peas are the only thing she's rejected, and may I just say, I can't blame you, kiddo. Blech. Her little fat fingers are becoming nimble enough to pick up bits of bread and (gasp!) some cookie crumbs I gave her today. No signs of crawling (no complaints from me on that one), but she is trying to get on her knees some. Believe it or not, she does have hair - sweet, fluffy, nearly invisible blonde hair. Maybe curly like her daddy?

We all delight in Miss Dimple Wimple, to be sure. She seems to like us okay, too.  What a sweet seven months!

Okay, I really liked these little figures the girls made this week. I think LC started it all, by making a woodcutter out of random this and that from the kids' craft supplies. Remember, I have no crafting or decorating DNA. She asked for popsicle sticks, but we're fresh out of them. Plastic spoons, though? I gotcha covered. So, EG got on board with LC's idea and quickly created Little Red Riding Hood.

Lastly, desperate times (even happy desperate times) make us do some out of character things. For instance, hailing the ice cream truck guy down and buying all the girls ice cream yesterday. At suppertime. Those are some satisfied customers right there! This was the first time I've ever bought treats from the ice cream truck. I just felt crazy like that. Plus, they'd all worked really hard yesterday, finishing school early, then helping clear and organize the garage so that we could pack and load our truck and trailer more easily. Oh, and the girls told me later they thought I was teasing when I walked out the front door asking them if they wanted ice cream from the truck, and they had a laugh over me "chasing" the truck as he started to pull away...

I love this life Jesus has given us.

Next time, I hope to write from Back Home, with all eight of us together as a family!

738 how many tidying/cleaning/purging tasks overlap with packing up tasks - double time work done!

739 the pretty pale stack of springy clothing clean and folded for CJ

740 daffodils. I love them...there are none here. But guess where they're blooming right now? Back Home. I can't wait!

741 that our finalization date IS MY BIRTHDAY: May 4!

742 LC and CA lying each of them on a stair today, laughing loudly at some random silliness, funny only to them

743 teaching LC to read, and watching her begin to turn that corner where she's gaining fluidity and skill, and soon, enjoyment in reading

744 life is not an emergency, because Jesus holds all things together by the word of His power (Hebrews 1:3)

745 Ice cream trucks! Sticky faces! One dollar bills on hand!

746 Happy email from our attorney Back Home, delivering that much-awaited great news

747 that God blessed us and my parents with a wonderful attorney

748 EG's joy at having a friend from school over to play yesterday, and then the way that all the girls enjoyed our guest, and she had fun with them, too

749 CJ sleeping through the last few nights

750 more bags to Goodwill


  1. Happy, happy!! I am in such awe of what God is doing and I'm so happy for your family.

    Frame that first photo and give it to Daddy for father's day; it's breathtaking!

  2. Aaahh, so exciting! My heart is doing a happy dance. :)

    Love those pics of CJ...especially the bare midriff. Seven months is SUCH a fun age.


  3. yay! I knew this was going to happen, but I still get chills reading it!
    So happy for you all. Praying for you, thinking of you as you pack and prepare. . .

  4. Again, I am so happy for you guys!!

    Love, love, love the photos of Miss CJ!! Such a cutie and I am so glad she is so layed back and easy going - we all deserve one of those, right? :)

    See you soon dear friend!!

  5. Your news is joy to my heart.

    And, I must hail the ice cream truck at least once in my lifetime. :)

  6. I am so happy for your family! And we are with you on getting the maxillary lateral incisors after the two bottom middle teeth. :) Thanks for looking it up. I had no idea what they were called. Have safe travels! Kelly