Monday, July 9, 2012

LC's Birthday at the Hospital + an Update

Some numbers and God's love....

38 - infection-free days since my water broke June 2
28  - days in the hospital - and still no baby, which is exactly what we've requested from the Lord
34  - weeks pregnant today - almost 5.5 weeks gone by since this ruptured membranes adventure began

Countless - the ways that God has loved us, loved me through this unexpected experience. I can't even be articulate or quantify His love. We've seen it through His people: family, friends, and individuals we've never met. We have seen God's great love in and through the scary and upsetting parts of our story. I can testify to His patience and purpose in it all (not that I can see or comprehend His whole plan or thinking, but He's allowed me to recognize much). I cannot even take in all the thoughtful, sweet, beautiful things others have done for me and for my family...meals and childcare and visits and grocery shopping and beauty - I've been surrounded by beauty and color here in my little room, mostly because of others' kindness, that is to say God's loving me through His children.

We praise God today that I've reached 34 weeks. Obviously, I'm not delivering today. The doctor feels comfortable (as do we) with letting me stay pregnant until 35 weeks.

Baby H looked great on the ultrasound last week, weighing in at about 4lb 8oz. What a little squirt! But it's a good size, and it means he had gained a pound in two weeks, so that was good news.

Thank you, thank you for checking in and for praying.

We serve a powerful, loving God. Praise Him today for all His goodness and wisdom!

And now, on to LC's birthday celebration story...

We celebrated LC's 8th birthday on July 4th here in the hospital courtyard. BB had procured some delicious cupcakes the day before - 8 different kinds - and that was her birthday cake. She got first pick on what kinds she wanted to eat. She chose lemon (it's so good) and chocolate on chocolate.

What a funny face! BB did an amazing job of organizing the portable birthday party - he brought everything: special drinks with fancy straws, a little decoration for her cake, plates, lighter, candles. He also bagged up her presents (I'd done some Amazon shopping, plus things from her sisters and grandparents) and brought those.
Superstar dad! 

BB divvying up the goodies. You can believe it was a bit chaotic, with everyone putting in their requests and preferences, which cupcake flavors they wanted to try! He cut them into fourths, so we each got to try several kinds. Yummmm....

A cute dress from her great grandmother Back Home

Bling from her MaMa (my mom), being modeled by BB. When you've got six girls, you sometimes have to model bling

I always make fun of the wheelchair - it's so BIG and wide! And of course, to the kids, it's a toy. Everyone had to have a turn while we were all outside. This picture made me laugh, though, because they both have kind of a mean look on their faces!
You can see some of the lovely flowers in the courtyard there behind them.

BB tying on CJ's smock/bib. It was just a sweet image to me, watching him do this.

CJ picking and eating the sprinkles off her cupcake

AH and her various and sundry cupcake samples...chocolate on white, red velvet,'s all good!

The aftermath

LC is such a blessing to our family. She is our most sensitive child, quiet and happy by nature. When she was born, I remember how she gazed at my face. None of the others did that or seemed to connect while still so new to the world. Sweet thing - then and now. I'm so grateful God's gifted us with 8 years of LC!

Sometimes a person's body gets a bit weary of sitting and lying down all the time. This day, I'd decided to lie on my side on the window seat (which is BB's bed when he sleeps here) for a change. BB started taking pictures, and even though I protested and felt self conscious, we both liked the resulting photo. This was at 33.5 weeks.


  1. The smock! It's so cute!

    I love the cupcake idea, cutting them in fourths, even though that's tedious.

    So glad to hear that all is still well with baby and you. You do look nice in the side-lying photo. I can't imagine how I would feel on bedrest - I pray patience for you!

  2. You are so precious...and radiant. Praise the Lord for his goodness through all of it!

  3. Whoever said men are not multi tasters has not met BB!! What an awesome job he did on LC's party!!

    Love your preggo photo....not much longer! :)