Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Eye Opening

Baby H at 3 Weeks Old


  1. Squeal... he is SO cute! Love these, especially the shots with CJ.

  2. He is a real "baby doll" for your girls!
    Baby H fills my heart with joy, thank you for sharing him so generously with your readers.

    A bit late, but absolutely loved the owls made by precious AH. Would she consider making one to sell, one like the biggest?

  3. Oh, wow, Merlin. AH is over.the.moon! She said she'd be willing to sell the one in the pictures. I asked if she was sure about that, did she have an emotional attachment to it, and she said no, she doesn't have any attachment and is very excited and proud.

    If you like, you can email me at the tismercyall email address and we can trade info and the owl will fly your way...

    (oh, my, this is so special to her....thank you!)

  4. I love the photos with him and CJ. He looks so tiny and precious laying there on his belly. The sweetness just oozes out of him. :) And CJ is becoming more beautiful all the time. Loved her birthday pictures...so enthusiastic!