Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Miss Dimple Wimple turned two on July 22, four days after we came home from the hospital with Baby H. 

Isn't she the big girl, talking on the phone?!

We kept it really simple, of course, for her big day. BeBe made the wonderful chocolate cake. The girls had gotten little gifts for CJ and wrapped them. 

The birthday girl was obviously excited about her chah-ee cake. This was actually before she blew out the candles. We've done a good bit of candle-reuse around here!

Very focused on blowing them out...

Leaning in a bit too close! MK, ever the Protector of Little Ones, was pushing her back:

She puffed those two candles out better than any of her sibling predecessors, all by herself. So proud! Look at that face!

When BB pulled the first candle out, she stopped him and indicated that she wanted to lick them.

Opening presents. We gave her Connect Four. She loves to drop the checkers in, and let them fall out again, over and over. 

She also got a preemie baby boy doll (!!), some clothes, a baby doll stroller...

CJ has been the sunshine in our lives on some hard days these past two years. She has such a zest for life and discovery and trying new things. Our hearts feel happy and full when her eyes are twinkling with excitement over some small (to us) thing that delights her. Her whole face beams!

She has also hit a bit of that terrible two's thing.

But mostly, she's beautiful and dimpled and happy and that cloud of white curls. Yummy.

Thanks be to God for Daughter Number Six.


  1. She is so stinkin' cute. Love her! Happy belated birthday to sweet CJ! :-)

  2. Happy birthday sweet CJ! The first photo of her with her cake looks just like her beautiful momma!! :) Love you all!

  3. Who does she look like? I think I see your mother's eyes but beyond that I don't know! Yummy indeed... both the cutie and the cake!

    Sweet, sweet MK.

  4. I am not sure whom she resembles most, Christian! Doesn't seem distinctly my side or BB's. She looks somewhat like LC at that age, and maybe a bit like EG, too. And that blonde hair! That's from BB.