Tuesday, June 24, 2014


So much has happened since I last wrote here. After the party was over, it was work, work, work, to get the house dejunked and organized, and to pack up all the things we wanted with us and NOT on the big moving truck.

These photos are of the bathroom at our house in Texas as we prepared to leave and I had to smile at the funny combination of things I found on the sinktop - there was even a Green Goblin figurine, but I'm not seeing that photo. Too bad. That was the best part!

The last days at our home of 9 years were full of meaningful but painful goodbyes, along with the growing tension of readiness to go.

I am thankful to the Lord that we got so much organizing and trashing done before the packers came. What a blessing to have our things packed for us, as well!!

We spent our last night at the Texas house Sunday, June 15. The next two nights we spent with wonderful friends who opened their home to the nine of us while our whole house was packed up and our beds and things disassembled.

Those were long days, the packing and loading ones; not because it was hard work for us, but just the sort of heavy, tired, restlessness that comes with this kind of big transition.

We enjoyed a late, good supper with our host-friends Tuesday night, then rose on Wednesday morning to organize our big truck with our travel things and all the odds and ends that the movers wouldn't take (like our beloved wisteria plant - we'll see if it survives - it is living in a 5 gallon bucket right now in our new back yard).

Then it was on to the last goodbye. Sigh.

We decided that the pain is in direct proportion to the blessings, in this kind of situation. And, that our hurting hearts are evidence of God's massive goodness during our Texas season.

It was a long, long, quiet drive East. Well, the older ones of us were rather silent. The younger ones are so creatively noisy, you know?

We spent two days and about 18 hours on the road, and made it safely to our new city. Next was 4 nights in a hotel while we waited for the movers to bring our home things. I am grateful for the 2 large rooms we occupied at the hotel, but phew, hotel life with 9 people is....cozy, and kind of complicated.

Last night, we spent our first night at our new house! I really like it. The surroundings are such a change from our Texas area - it's very green and lush and the birds! Beautiful to see and hear. Quite a change.

We are getting settled. This process has included our washer overflowing and water leaking through to the downstairs. Yikes!! It could've been much worse, but it sure did get our adrenaline going!!

I'm glad to be on this side of the moving process. It feels good to be putting things in their places and making this place home.

And I'm tired. We all are. Our emotions are a bit whacked out. Praying for lots of grace there.

Thanking God for safety and for our home and the plans He has up ahead for us...


  1. aw, Beth, thinking of you all and praying for you. xoxoxoxo

  2. Glad y'all are on this side of the move and this side of the country! :) Oh, and the washing machine thing, totally happened to us not long ago except we forgot to plug in the drain pipe so when the washing was done all the water went all over the floor....good times!

  3. And can't wait to visit!! The boys keep asking when we are going to see y'all! ;)