Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Stowaway

When we prayed, planned, packed, cried, and drove to our new calling and life a long way East, we had a little extra something going on...something unexpected but good.

The fact is, it was ten of us who travelled away from Texas into a new adventure. See, we have this little stowaway. We have not met her yet, but her estimated time of arrival is mid-December.

It makes me happy and proud to announce baby number eight. I am excited to do this one more time.

We can't help but smile over the timing. I don't know of a time in our lives when there was more happening - as in big life event kind of stuff. But here she comes, and God is good, good, good.

Today marks 17 weeks of pregnancy, and to say that I've been distracted by all that is happening, by all this transition, would be an understatement. Oh, my, we are almost halfway.

So, there will be seven girls in our family. Can you believe that? Another thing to smile over, to be smile and shake my head in wondering disbelief and thankfulness to Jesus, for these precious girls and boy.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.


  1. Oh Beth! Congratulations! You know, I walked into the bank the other day with four lovely blond girls all in the row (Eliana and three cousins), and everyone commented sweetly about the "ducks in a row". It immediately made me think of you and how you must get comments EVERYWHERE you go with all those beautiful children!!
    Maybe now that you are closer I will have to take a day trip to come see you!

  2. We are so happy for your newest little blessing and can't wait to meet her....and Baby H as well! Do you realize I have never officially met him!! That day will come real soon and I can't wait!! Now, for you to come up with another girl name! :)

  3. Thanks, friends!
    And, Sarah! Awesome to see you here!

  4. "stowaway" - love your sense of humor :) and congratulations, once again.