Thursday, July 24, 2014

Miss Dimple Wimple is Four

She was my only birthing center baby, a lovely, simple birth. 13 hours of hard work. And she came out looking just like big sister LC, except with dimples. And so they share a name: CJ goes by LC's middle name.

CJ doesn't dig cake, so we went with ice cream and fun toppings. Sprinkles were used in abundance. You know, once mixed with melting ice cream, sprinkles produce an ugly gray color of ice cream, right? That did not deter our party goers, especially the younger set, from pouring (literally) them on.

It was another low-key day, but sweet for her, for the family. She got to watch Frozen. Twice.

We had hot dogs and cheese puffs for supper and she unwrapped her presents, including a bicycle.

And we played outside until past dark, until the bats came out and the crickets were singing their bedtime song. The children whizzed up and down the driveway at dizzying speeds, miraculously managing to not crash into each other (too much).

Thanking the Lord for four years with CJ and for happy summer nights.

Silly us.

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