Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Thoughts

Say hello to our Tiny Texan. We got to see her during my first prenatal here in our new town, last week. It was the same day as CJ's birthday, so I am just now getting around to showing off Baby Girl.

The Naming War is on. It's a quiet War at this point, as we've each only suggested a few names. We have a history of, ahem, not agreeing at all on names. CJ wasn't named until she was 4 days old.

Not only is this a sweet picture of CA, but it's very symbolic of something God is giving us here during our big transition. He is giving us rest.

I will be honest and say that there were a few things I was dreading and fearing as I anticipated our settling in process here. I was nervous about the change of pace: we were very, very busy connecting with friends for the two months before we moved. I am so grateful for the time spent as a family and as individuals with our different dear ones and special families in Texas. But it was a pace we'd not normally keep, and I just wasn't sure how everyone would react to the drastic difference we'd feel here, where we do not yet have everyday life connections. I didn't know what the feast-to-famine (socially) transition would be like for my people and me.

Secondly, I was worried that all of us being together 24/7 was going to be overwhelming and suffocating. There, I said it. Just keeping it real. We had a good rhythm to life before that included what I think was a healthy balance of togetherness and autonomy (therapy words!) within the house and with outside connections and friendships. We also went right from the scheduled order of the school year straight into packing and saying goodbyes and leaving, so there was that adjustment to factor in as well.

In His tender mercy, Jesus has shown me again how fruitless worry is, and He has done for us quite the opposite of all I feared! This no-man's-land of anonymity combined with the long, open days of summer has resulted a deep, good rest for all of us.

We have found a good summer rhythm rather quickly. It includes work and reading and rest and exercise and play. Our hearts, minds, and bodies were ready, so ready, for rest. I am so thankful for this, and for these carefree days together.

Even more beautiful to me is that this 24/7 thing that scared me is proving to be rich soil in which family bonding and togetherness are growing quite healthily in ways I could not have imagined possible.

Praise God from Whom all blessing flow.

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen. Philippians 3:20-21

But wait, there's more!

I laugh inside when I say that because it sounds so much like those cheesy As Seen On TV ads...

In this photo, it was raining. Obviously, that detail did not make it into the image. This is the view from our back porch and I was so refreshed by the green of it all, the rain itself, and that weird paradox we're seeing a lot here: rain falling while the sun is shining. Magical.

This summer has been a surprise to me. It's been bittersweet, lonely, disorienting. But then there's new beauty, body and soul rest. There's simplicity and quiet. And lots of noise, because noisy is how it is in our house, most of the time, especially at meals. We are captivated by the birds and their songs, and by the plants and shade and I praise God for the healing and heart lessons that are occurring.

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  1. so glad to know you are resting and recovering. Love hearing your thoughts on rain :)