Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pray for Haiti

Do pray for Haiti. I know you probably already are. The devastation there is unfathomable, and worsened yesterday by a huge aftershock...

Oh, Jehovah Shalom, come and reign in peace in Haiti. Raise up Your people around the pray, to give...and for Your people there, Oh God, give them supernatural strength to serve in Your Name.

Spirit, open the mouths of Your children to speak the gospel of Jesus Christ to these desperate people, and bring true belief, true repentance to needy hearts....

Give a spirit of unity to all those working in and for Haiti - may they have hearts are driven to relieve suffering, and help them to be efficient and safe. Lord, please clear the roads by Your power and help the workers do it with unnatural speed, so help can get through.

As the enemy plans to wreak further havoc and despair in Haiti, God, breathe hope into these people's hearts - the hope of Jesus, and the soothing of their physical and emotional sufferings. Take all that our enemy intends for evil, and turn it for the good of the Haitians and for Your glory. Amen.

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